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Sonali Bank Limited

Sonali Bank Limited

Phone: +880-2-9550426-31, 33, 34, 9552924 (Pabx)
Fax: +880-2-9561410, 9552007
Established:  1972

Head Office     :35-42,44 Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

Known As       : SBL


Category         : Commercial

Type               : Public

Origin             : Local

Sonali Bank Ltd Corporate Profile

Sonali Bank Limited

Name of the Company : Sonali Bank Limited
Chairman : Quazi Baharul Islam
CEO and Managing Director : Pradip Kumar Dutta
Company Secretary : Zaheed Hossain
Legal Status : Public Limited Company
Genesis : Emarged as Nationalised Commercial Bank in 1972, following the Bangladesh Bank (Nationlisation) Order No. 1972(PO No.26 of 1972)
Date of Incorporation : 03 June, 2007
Date of Vendor’s Agreement : 15 November, 2007
Registered Office : 35-42, 44 Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Authorised Capital : Taka 2000.00 core
Paid-up Capital : Taka 1125.00 core
Number of Employee : 21,839
Number of Branches : 1200
Phone-PABX : 9550426-31, 33, 34, 9552924
FAX : 88-02-9561410, 9552007
Website :
E-mail :

Sonali Bank Vision :Socially committed leading banking institution with global presence.

Sonali BankMission : Dedicated to extend a whole range of quality products that support divergent needs of people aiming at enriching their lives, creating value for the stakeholders and contributing towards socio economic development of the country.

Sonali Bank Slogan : Your trusted partner in innovating banking.


Sonali Bank LimitedAfter freedomof Bangladesh in 1971, this bank along with two smaller banks, Bank of Bahawalpur and Premier Bank were multiple into Sonali Bank.National Bank of Pakistan was the major commercial bank in the East Pakistan.The bank was nationalized under Government order P.O.26, 1972.

The Sonali Bank was changed into a Public Ltd Company under 100% ownership of Government and started performance as Sonali Bank Limited on 15 November, 2007.

This Sonali Bank has an allowed capital of BDT 9 billion and BDT 10 billion of paid up capital. With 1193 branches counting 2 overseas branches, 3 subsidiaries and 3 representative offices, Sonali Bank is by far the major commercial bank of the country.

Ever since its materialize as a nationalized bank in 1972, it is discharge its duties in construction the economy of the nation and till now it’s transport out the social commitment for which it was entrusted.

General Banking:

Sonali Bank provides all general banking servicesto its customers through its extensive network all over the country. Current accounts and savings accounts, money transfer through Demand Draft, Mail Transfer, Pay Order and Telegraphic Transfer are usual functions of this Sonali bank. In calculation it receives utility bills from customers.

Deposit Schemes:

Sonali Bank offers any kind of  deposit schemes for different target groups of people.

This are:

  1. Sonali Deposit Scheme (SDS)
  2. Education Deposit Scheme (EDS)
  3. Medicare Deposit Scheme (MDS)
  4. Monthly Earning Scheme (MES)
  5. Marriage Savings Scheme (MSS)
  6. Rural Deposit Scheme (RDS) and
  7. Double Benefit Scheme (DBS)

Credit Schemes:Sonali Bank offered to you  loans under the following programs:

  1. Consumer Credit:Customer Credit loans is designed to support permanent employees in Government, Semi Government, Autonomous and recognized bodies to purchase consumer durables for household use. Rate of interest is quite reasonable and payback is through monthly installments.
  2. IT Finance: IT Finance Scheme is developed for installation of export oriented IT Firm and for the firm already exists, needs support to export products. As a thrust sector incumbents enjoy quite a low interest rate.
  3. Special Small Credit: Special Small Credit is for teachers and Government employees. Those who like to increase their income through a small business may avail this opportunity. Rate of interest is easy and pay back is in monthly installments.
  4. Loan scheme for Employment Abroad: Those who get jobs abroad and need money to pay Air Tickets, legal commissions & service charges for the agent firm are entitled for the loan from Employment Abroad Scheme. Payback period is decided at per their job contract.
  5. Loan for Diagnostic Center: Diagnostic Center is another field of interest for Sonali Bank. It logically requires proper security to get the loan and payback period is one year.

Rural Credit Scheme:

85% of our population lives in rural areas of Bangladesh and 75% earn their living from cultivation.So without boost up of cultivation our economy won’t grow. Sonali Bank very correctly addresses it through the Rural Credit Scheme. The scheme offered loan under the following programs:

  1. Crop Loan
  2. Special Investment Program
  3. Farming & Off Farming program
  4. Krishi Khamar Rin Karmasuchi
  5. Pond Fisheries Credit Program
  6. Fertilizer Dealers Credit Program
  7. Sugarcane Production Loan Program
  8. Social Forestation Program

International Banking:

Sonali Bank has residential expertise in world wide deal and business. Through its world widenetwork in country and a better number of correspondent banks global it extends cooperation to deal and business man. At the same time it brings in expensive payment from expatriates working abroad.

Sonali Bank Limited has many other society leaning fields of activities.Hajj Savings scheme,SME banking, and Foreign Currency account are some of them.

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