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Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited


Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited

Phone: +880-2-7123255-7, 9568007, 9569353, Fax: + 880-2-9569351


Schedule of Charges: //

Established: 1995

Website: //

Head Office: 36, Dilkusha(6-9 Floor) C/A Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

Known As: AIBL


Category: Commercial

Type: Private

Origin: Local


With a vision to emerge because the leading Islami bank in People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Al-Arafa Islami Bank was established by some spiritual personalities from commerce and industries of the country. To create vital contribution to the economic system for property growth was another agenda of the bank. AIBL presents all its services and merchandise in compliance with Islamic Laws (Shariah). A strong shariah law Board is recognized by illustrious Islamic students and economists of the country and therefore the board rigorously scrutinizes every and each service and products before providing a similar to the purchasers.

Deposit schemes

In addition to current and bank account Al-Arafa Islami Bank offers quite a sizable amount of deposit schemes with completely different names and functions. This square measure as below:

  1. Mudaraba Short Notice Deposit
  2. Mudaraba Term Deposit
  3. Monthly Profit based mostly Term Deposit
  4. Monthly Installment based mostly Term Deposit
  5. Al-Arafa Monthly haj Deposit
  6. Al-Arafa Termed haj Deposit
  7. Monthly Installment based mostly wedding Savings Investment theme
  8. Al-Arafa government bond
  9. Foreign Currency Deposit
  10. Pension Deposit theme
  11. money Waqf Deposit theme
  12. Mudaraba Lakhpoti Deposit theme
  13. Mudaraba have Deposit theme
  14. Mudaraba (Special) Pension Deposit theme
  15. Mudaraba Kotipoti Deposit theme
  16. Mudaraba Double profit Deposit theme

All these programs or AIBL square measure neat for encouraging folks to save lots of nowadays for a far better tomorrow. At an equivalent time some schemes square measure organized to assist you performing arts Islami farj with none hardship.


Fields of investment of Al-Arafa Islami Bank is extremely wide. It touches the majority important sectors of the country. Broad heads are realized here:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Industry
  3. Business
  4. Foreign Trade
  5. Construction and Housing
  6. Transportation
  7. rent Purchase
  8. house of prayer and religious school
  9. Village
  10. little Enterprise
  11. Consumer

Attending all the on top of sectors the bank contributes in financial set-up through its investment and steerage no matter is felt necessary by the purchasers.

To provide very best service to the purchasers in foreign trade, Al-Arafa Islami Bank maintains a division specifically International Division. The division is enriched with best old folks within the line. They’re continuously able to serve you thru recommendation, help and documentation. AIBL has developed a worldwide network of correspondent banks for your functions.

SME Banking

Small and medium scale enterprises are a thrust sector for Asian country, as they play an important role in generating employment and enhancing GDP growth. Naturally AIBL imposes correct importance on the world. The most functions of the schemes are discovered as following:

  •    Facilitation of SME entrepreneurs
  •    Boosting up tiny businesses
  •    Facilitation of Agro industries
  •    Broaden the bottom of Muslim Banking within the society
  •    Encouraging girl’s entrepreneurs

Al-Arafa Islami Bank presents credit to the SMEs in 2 forms, assets and stuck capital. 5 schemes ar there for you to settle on for having assets loan. Well, solely your alternative isn’t enough, some terms and conditions are to be consummated for obtaining a loan. As a traditional applies a security against the loan is needed. However, a loan quantity below Tk. 200,000 is also thought-about while not security.

Fixed capital loan are provided in 3 schemes. The conditions are just like those of assets loan. You’ll visit your nearest AIBL branch along with your demand. Al-Arafa Islami Bank is often able to serve the worthy SMEs.

Micro Finance

A vast majority of our population lives in rural Asian nation and a high proportion of them area unit still below personal income. Unless these millions area unit observed on top of the personal income, real and property development of our economy isn’t attainable. Some NGOs area unit performing on this issue. however terribly a couple of area unit operated in compliance with Islamic Islamic law. Al-Arafa Islami Bank performs here fully compliance with Islamic law.

Micro credit program of the bank is dead beneath oversight of Al-Arafa Islami Bank. Eight teams having 5 members in every, produce a Samitee. The credit is distributed to the members having all the opposite members of a bunch as warranter for it. Personal guarantee from a neighborhood eminent person is additionally accepted. The vary of loan is from Tk. 3000 to Tk. 50000 and therefore the modes of loan area unit mounted capital investment and Running capital investment.

Al-Arafa Islami Bank continues to be operating with same spirit it started with sixteen years back.

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