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Agrani Bank Limited

Agrani Bank Limited (Bangladesh)

Phone: 02-9551569, 9554497, 9561556, 9553064
Fax: 880-02-9566153-54
Established: 1972

Website: //

Full Name : Agrani Bank Limited

Head Office  : 9D, Dilkusha C/A, Motijheel, Dhaka 1000

Known As    : AIBL


Category     : Commercial ( Under Government)

Type            : Public

Origin          : Local

Agrani Bank Limited Profile


Agrani bank is commercial and government bank . Agrani Bank was state-owned following freedom of Bangladesh. Agrani bank now performs its commercial banking operation through 873 outlets all over Bangladesh below the management of a 13  Board member of Directors. It started performance as a commercial bank in 1972 and continued as a public sector bank till 16 May, 2007. On 17 May the bank started the third chapter of its life as a limited company.

The services and products of Agrani Bankare likely to classify in the subsequentlybroad divisions:

  1. Personal
  2. Corporate
  3. Business
  4. Agri &Rural
  5. SME
  6. Merchant
  7. NRB
  8. Islami

Agrani Bank Personal Banking:

Agrani Bank LimitedPersonal banking products are Loan, Card and Deposit services offered by Agrani Bank. Agrani Bank Deposit services are Fixed deposit receipt, Savings bank account and Pension sanchay scheme. These schemes improve little savings of limited income people to be accumulated.

Loan crop at personal level are Consumer loan, Home loan, and Advance next to salary. Agrani Banks programs help to attain your dreams just in time and at a maximum effort.

Agrani Bank offered Debit card for the clients allocation a network with other 4 famous banks of the country. Fees for the card are supposed. You may have a debit card from Agrani Bank and like a life free from any nervousness of moving cash.

Agrani Bank Business support:

Agrani Bank introduced Agrani Bank Shilpa Unnayan Bond in 1999. There are 2 types of bonds, 5 and 7 years. With a view to construction up a fund of Tk. 500 crore for financial engineering projects. The buck denomination is Tk. 50,000 and maximum 1 of Tk. 500,000. Interest rate is good quality sufficient to be a focus for people.

If you are an admirable contestant for any of them, or you need any documentary maintain fromAgrani Bank. Most important credit Schemes for business people are Trade Finance, business Credit, introduce Finance and Export Finance.

Corporate Banking:

Agrani Bank provides deposit services approximating Current account and fixed deposit for its business clients. Alternatively it arranges funds through syndication of banks for big, corporate projects. Thus the bank is causal to support the national economy to a high-level.

Banking for NRBs:

Now get banking capacity through Agrani Bank Bangladeshis. They are also permitted to have an F/C account. They may have an account in taka they may supply in Dollar Bonds. Your nominees are also permitted for these scopes. If you are one of them you can benefit these opportunities.

SME Banking:

Agrani Bank reasonably provides credit to them under dissimilar schemes. Medium and little enterprise of the country is one of the admirable sectors for economic support. Agrani Banklaunched a joint project program named little Enterprise advance Program with NORAD, a Norwegian agency in 1995. The target fields were oil mill, nursery, rice mill, fishery, weaving, repairing shops and many more. This program was implementing in better Faridpur and Mymensingh districts.

Agrani Bank had designed some programs in teamwork with other agencies. Agrani Bank is presenting micro credit and other supports to ground less day work for improvement of deficiency by generating employment. One such plan is Employment production Project for Rural Poor. This program was launched in 1995.All these programs are especially much sympathetic to the micro enterprises and the poor. Terms and situation is also client friendly and easy to follow.

Agrani & Rural Banking:

Agrani Bank provides this service to rural Bangladesh. At the present bed line farmers may have a bank account depositing Tk.10 only. Childish generation intending to go out of the country for jobs may have loan for their air tickets and other fixed cost against supposed securities.

Islamic Banking:

Agrani Bank provides absolutely interest free Shariah based banking to the customers. In the middle of the state-owned banks Agrani was the first to establish Islamic Banking service. Deposit services propose interest free profit in obedience with Shariah. If you wish to get Islamic banking service you are salutation at its Islamic banking unit in its Head quartet.

Agrani Bank Slogan:

Agrani Bank, as per its slogan, is for all time beside the people in their fight to come up with sustainable economic development for themselves and for the nation.

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